The Metz family

The Metz family

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

July 1st: "due any day"

     July 1st......we don't have a "due date", but at least we do have THIS date.
This is the date we will finish our 3 home study evaluations (done by our Bethany Case Worker), and this is the day we will become eligible to be matched with a child (or a pregnant birth mother).
     After July 1st, I guess you could say we are "due any time."  In reality that "any time" is not likely to be July 2nd, and maybe not in July at may not even be in 2014.
Only the Lord knows when we will meet our new baby....He has never steered us wrong to this point and provided what we need, so I trust Him to bring out baby into our lives at just the right moment.
(Now if I can only keep my eager, antsy self from wanting Him to hurry it up! haha!)

     So, you may wonder (and some of you have asked)..."what exactly will happen after July 1st?"'s what we know....
     As of July 1st our "family profile" will be made available for birth families to see.  Our profile will be shown only to parents who's circumstances/preferences match ours.
Then we hurry up and wait......our profile will be shown and when a birth mother/birth parents want to talk with us or meet us, we'll set up a time and get to know one another.
     They may pick us....they may not.....some people ride that wave many times before they have a successful "match." I'm not sure how to really prepare for the emotions that will undoubtedly accompany the ups and downs, so I'm praying God will grant great patience and temper my tendency to get super excited....until its time to get SUPER EXCITED :)
    We could be matched with a birth mother who is 5 months pregnant, or we could find that a baby has already been born and is awaiting a family! Again, only God knows.....

    From here on out, it is becoming more and more real that our baby is not some dream baby with no face, no name.....but he or she is very possibly in utero at this moment....and he or she will be coming to our family soon!!!!!
     I can't wait to meet you baby Metz!

Sweet Blessings

     What a wonderful blessing we experienced during our "Faces of Adoption" Event and Bake Sale!
     We were blessed to learn, and be encouraged, from the personal adoption stories of Anne and Matt (two Grace Chapel friends).  Sharing such personal aspects of their lives posed emotional challenges for them, and we are so grateful that they were willing to share!
     We also got to hear more about adoption and foster care from Heather Bert, the Director of Bethany Christian Services.  After the event several people told me how they learned a great deal that they "never knew" about adoption, and were really touched by the personal stories.  Several even mentioned that they might consider adoption or foster car ei nthe future as a result of what they heard! Praise the Lord!
     In the midst of all this, we had many folks join us for some yummy bake sale fun!  We had even more baked goods than we expected and even though we ended up with some leftover, we were graciously allowed to bring them to the AWANA meeting that week, where we were able to sell all the rest.
     We want to give a truly heartfelt THANK YOU to those who baked, bought, came, shared stories, encouraged us, planned, organized, publicized, and helped work the sale.  The proceeds of the sale were a great blessing toward helping us afford our adoption!!!  A very special thanks to Christina Reif who did not hesitate and jumped right into planning this bake sale once she heard of our plans to adopt.  What a wonderful gift from a friend!  Here are a few pics from the event (just in case you missed it!)....
Nif, Dave, and Liam

Thank you for your help Amy, Rachel ,and Rachel!!!