The Metz family

The Metz family

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Second verse, same as the first".....but with something new :)

The last time i posted an update, we were excitedly heading toward the "matching" phase of our adoption.  However, we were in for a bit of a roller coaster between that post and this one.  Just after our second of three home study visits, we were put "on hold."  It was a very challenging and emotional "hold" for me, and since there wasn't much to update in that time..i didnt......until tonight :)
So......i feel like a broken record...."second verse, same as the first....".....we did not finish when we expected to, but this time i can say its for REAL.....
Our final visit has finally happened, and as of tonight we are officially DONE our home study process!
YAY- i couldnt be more relieved and joyful and excited to move forward...forward into the 'matching'...forward into the real waiting.....forward into the great unknown that God has already planned out for us.  What a ride this will be!
Our family profile can now be viewed by birthfamilies and we will either find ourselves matching up with a pregnant birthmother (and eagerly awaiting our due date), or we could get a surprise phone call that gives us less than a day, or a few days notice for a baby coming home.

When i was pregnant with Liam, I remember wondering all sorts of things...."will he have blonde hair? will he looks like me or Dave? will he like to read? will he play sports? what will his first job be?"  The wonderings went on and on.....
With this baby though, I havent thought once about toddlerhood, or future hobbies or jobs...or even about what kind of infant they will be.....because i dont even know basic stuff, like: WHEN they will be born, WHERE they will be born, WHAT ethnicity or gender they are....and that list goes on and on.
For all the unknowns with Liam, we at least knew approximately when he would be born (ok, he was a couple weeks late, but we were close), and where (although he threw us for a loop and wanted to be born in the hospital, contrary to our plan). And we were pretty darn sure he'd be caucasian ;)
The unknowns with this baby are enormous- so much that its hard to even sort through all the 'wonderings.'....we'll just have to wait and see...and THEN we can begin wondering :)

With so many unknowns ahead, and much uncertainty, we ARE certain of this.......God has a perfect plan for our baby (wherever they may be), and it will be a wild but amazing ride to find our baby.  We will need to lean hard on God to emotionally sustain us and provide for us, so we ask for your prayers in this.....wisdom in chosing our baby, emotional strength, and the ability to adjust to many news things in a very short time.

Thank you for hanging with us in prayer during these past few "silent" months, and thank you for continuing to share our joy as we now move closer to bringing baby home.



Q Where are we adopting from?
A: PA or DE

Q: What are the laws in those states?
A: in PA the paperwork is finalized when our baby is 30 days old, but they can come home with us immediately from the hospital.  in DE, the baby needs to remain in state for 2 weeks, at which time all paperwork is finalized.  This means we would need to move to DE for 2 weeks if we receive our baby form that state.

Q: What is the time frame at this point?
A: In the domestic infant program, our agency's wait time is 1 day to 1 year. It could be a quick placement if the baby is already born, or we might have a few weeks or months notice if the birthmother hasnt given birth yet.